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Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Adafruit to produce and manufacture a Machine Learning Kit for Lobe. This kit has been designed from the ground up to include everything you need to train machine learning models in Lobe and deploy them to a Raspberry Pi to bring your projects to life.

On top of that, Adafruit has three easy, medium, and hard tutorials that walk you through setting up the kit and using it in different ways to start seeing the magic of machine learning.

Machine Learning Kit

We’ve always believed that the ‘aha’ moment of machine learning is the first time you see your custom model accurately making live predictions. That’s when you start to understand the potential of machines making smart predictions about things they are seeing or detecting.

This machine learning kit, built in partnership with Adafruit, provides you everything needed to build a machine learning model that can be deployed to a device to make live predictions.

Specifically, the kit includes a Raspberry Pi and a camera module to capture images that will later be used to both train your model and make live predictions. The kit also includes all the other components needed for those two devices to get up and running.

The machine learning kit includes the BrainCraft HAT module.
The machine learning kit includes the BrainCraft HAT module.

Three Tutorials

To help get you up and running, Adafruit has prepared three tutorials with three different levels of difficulty that will get you from recognizing the different objects on your desk, to making a Rock, Paper, Scissors game, to automatically detecting when there is a package at your front door.

By bringing together software and hardware and building a really easy integration that can get live predictions to your Raspberry Pi in no time, we are opening the door to endless models that can be created and endless applications that can be later developed.

The medium tutorial helps you build a rock, paper, scissors game.
The medium tutorial helps you build a rock, paper, scissors game.

Getting Started

Please visit the Adafruit store and get started with the Adafruit and Lobe machine learning kit, and after that, download Lobe for free and start using it to practice before your kit arrives.

We can’t wait to see all the creative ideas and projects you come up with, when hardware and software get combined into a really simple application. Download Lobe for free to get started on your machine learning model today. And join the community to share your feedback and see what others are building.

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