Deep learning for everyone
Lobe was founded in 2015 by Mike Matas, Adam Menges, and Markus Beissinger in order to make deep learning accessible to everyone. Now, Lobe is excited to join Microsoft to accelerate its development and rollout. As part of Microsoft, Lobe will be able to leverage world-class AI research, global infrastructure, and decades of experience building developer tools. We plan to continue developing Lobe as a standalone service, supporting open source standards and multiple platforms. Together we are committed to making deep learning simple, understandable, and accessible to everyone.
Team Lobe
Join the team
We are working on an aggressive roadmap, integrating breakthrough machine learning with a beautiful user interface. Our small team is operating in startup mode out of the newly renovated Microsoft office in downtown San Francisco. Team meals are provided daily along with many other benefits in a relaxed work environment. Come join the team!
Frontend Engineer
Build rich interactive interfaces, optimize application performance, and help make machine learning accessible to everyone.
Mobile Engineer
Build great mobile apps, leverage augmented reality, and help create the next generation of machine learning tools.
ML Engineer
Research new machine learning techniques, develop robust machine learning models, and help design state of the art AutoML pipelines.
User Experience Designer
Design beautiful interfaces, build interactive prototypes, craft delightful interactions, and help ship a pixel-perfect product.